Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Unruly" (3 of 25)

Connie Kleinjans abstract art, Unruly, 8x8 acrylic and mixed media on board

8x8", acrylic and mixed media on board

(#3 of 25) The next painting for the 20/20 Show. I think this one surprised me. I was looking for more subdued colors, but the painting came out really dynamic, like D-Day on the beach or some such. I wasn't trying to do that.

One thing that was fun (and that you'll see again) is that I put down the patching compound and then pushed the grid into it. The compound, of course, oozed up through the grid. It's a cool effect in itself, but then I can paint the high parts one color and bleed another into the cracks.

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  1. Yeah this one is so dinamic, it's dada but abstract, i don't know, but the effect is beautiful :)