Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Rift" (7 of 25)

Connie Kleinjans fine art, Rift, 8x8, acrylic and mixed media on board

8x8", acrylic and mixed media on board, NFS

(#7 of 25 for the 20/20 show) Wow. I just looked at this and realized I should have called in Yin Yang. Although it also has a look of a pool of lava. As I recall, I got the texture that you see on the right in the middle by spreading a thin layer of gesso, then laying some plastic wrap on it and peeling it off. Lots of transparent paint in the pools, and opaque paint on the ridges between them.


  1. You have achieved an interesting abstract with nice textures and complimentary colors. It also has depth to it, which adds interest. I admire people who can create interesting abstracts.

  2. Hi Jean. You know I love the impressionistic effects you achieve. Hey, I just found you on Facebook and became a fan. :) Thanks.