Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Two Bottles," 6x8, oil on canvas board

SOLD. I think this is the final showing for the little brown bottle, at least for the moment. Actually, it was the big green bottle that put up a fight. No, it was the shadow of the big green bottle.

There's a theory out there that if you see it, you can paint it; just paint the shapes you see. What I found with this is that I did a better job on it if I understood the shapes. In other words, the light colored floor reflected in the green bottle, and you could see that through the brown bottle. Once I started tracing that this light streak was connected to that one--even though it went through the brown shape--I was able to show it more accurately.

I should have a sketchbook and carry it around and draw random things in it. Yeah... And then there's the theory that you should have an odd number of items in your picture. Hmm... Maybe that applies to larger-format artwork.

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