Friday, November 2, 2007

"Neon Gourd," 6x8, oil on canvas board

Connie Kleinjans, original oil painting, Neon Gourd,6x8After yesterday's dark picture of three figs, this one seemed almost neon bright. Now, I've been noticing that a 6x8 painting of one item gets finished faster than an 8x10 that's more complicated (duh). This one, though, while only one item, was a pretty complex one: all those lobes, and the green and white streaks. It was pretty hard to draw. Also, while I decided to put the focal point in the upper right quadrant, I didn't want the gourd facing in. Having it face out seemed different and more interesting. And I still put the shadow behind it. Now, this gourd has a pointy bottom, so it kind of sat askew. All of that contributes to a sense that it's floating, or even flying. I almost named this Flying Gourd.

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