Friday, October 26, 2007

"White on Blue," 5x5, oil on board

This was another picture from the workshop. After the second day, I felt like painting some more, so the manager loaned me the key and I went back after dinner. I painted all by myself, and this, as they say, almost painted itself. I did it in about 40 minutes or so. It's possible that I was able to paint fast because the bathroom was locked and, ahem, I had to (paint fast). I have not tested this theory since then.

The next day we did an interesting exercise in which Carol challenged us to do a painting with the least number of strokes possible. I decided to consider the blue picture a study, and use the same onion. I did this in something like 196 strokes, and I love the painterliness of it. Below is the only picture I took of my painting table at the workshop. It's the setup for the prior picture.

There seems to be something about onions that suits my painting style.

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