Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Dipping One Toe," 8x10, oil on board

This is my first solo painting after Carol Marine's workshop. The colors are brighter, which is fun. Carol recommends the Munsell color scheme because the complements seem to her to be more true. I'd looked it over, but had never compared the complements to those in the RGB wheel, and I believe she's right. The complements are hotter. I gather that Munsell chose the colors based on research with eyesight afterimage, so maybe that's why.

I chose to do it because one of the workshop paintings was this:

(Same onion, which is funny. It traveled from Silicon Valley to Sacramento and back.) I liked the composition and the shadow. But I do like the newer one better. Granted I worked on it longer, but it's more oniony; you can see the papery outer layer. The composition is better, too. And it's braver. Remember that word from the prior post: Courage!

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