Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Two Persimmons," 8x10, oil on ready to hang board

Connie Kleinjans, original oil painting, Two Persimmons, 8x10
I call this a qualified success. Now, I'm actually rather pleased with how it looks. The persimmon on the right changes color smoothly. You can almost feel it. The "qualified" part of the success is that I'd wanted it to be more painterly. I wanted to lay down visible brush strokes that assembled themselves into a 3-D picture (if you see what I mean). I think the issue here is that I was using painting medium. I use water-soluble oils, and I use water to help me paint. Medium seems to make the surface and the paint really slippery. I couldn't get it to behave, and it took a lot of time to finish. So I either need to experiment with media more, or give up altogether. Hmm.

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