Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Come see "And So..." in Palo Alto

My painting And So... was accepted into the Pacific Art League's May show, called Red. The show runs from May 6 to May 26. The Pacific Art League is in downtown Palo Alto, at 668 Ramona Street, on the corner of Ramona and Forrest. (For non-local folk, this is Northern California, about forty-five minutes south of San Francisco.)

And So... is my biggest painting, at three by five feet, that was not a piece of a theatrical set design. (Those topped out at six by fifteen feet, or more if you assembled them.)


  1. This image has to be seen in person, it just glows. I miss seeing it. Congrats Connie.

  2. Aw! Thanks, Guy! I'm enjoying watching you and Joyce on Art2Art. Very playful, but you learn a lot!