Friday, April 18, 2008

"Gears," 12x16, oil on stretched canvas

Connie Kleinjans fine artSold.

This was a commission for a friend. I posted it in progress last month, but now I deem it finished! Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Lessons learned? Lots, but two main ones:
  • If you are painting something that's precisely engineered, it really helps to have good drafting skills. Or use the grid method, perhaps. I got into some major accuracy issues on this.
  • Color temperatures can be a bear. I toned my canvas in blue (kind of loud) since it seemed to go with metal. But I worked from a picture I took of a picture of a family bike against a wall, in a patch of morning warm morning sunlight. Warm colors come towards you, and cool colors recede. I had to cool down the sunlit colors a lot.
I shouldn't admit this, but I keep seeing a shape like an arctic fox in the upper right corner.


  1. Great job, Connie! I think only a bicycle mechanic could detect any "accuracy issues". I know of no other artist that has made a moody bicycle painting. Cool.

    p.s. I see the fox too.

  2. I don't see a fox - but I think this is just stunning... make more like it please :)

  3. Wow, "stunning" is a humbling word to read. Thanks. Getting the mechanical details accurate (or sort of) was way hard.

  4. love this. Abstract quality and kickin' color! I can't see the fox.