Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Becca's Lemon, 6x8, oil on canvas board

Becca's LemonMy niece just bought a house, and she has a lemon tree in her yard. So I took a lemon before heading home. When I was playing with the setup, I got intrigued with the intersection of shadow and reflection. It's almost like a Venn diagram; where they intersect it's the darkest.

And I'm kind of excited about this painting. Once in awhile I get the right balance of realistic and abstract, and this was one such time.

I took a couple of pictures in process. I worked on a red basecoat, in acrylic. In the picture below I was part way through, and I really like how the yellows came out. Maybe I should have stopped there. You know how there are times you're not sure you're done? Maybe I should have considered the the lemon to be done.

Halfway to finishedThis was earlier, and shows how I blocked in the image. You'll read that many artists like to block in the dark parts first. My problem with that is that I often end up with mud when I add the lighter colors. So I blocked it in in acrylic and switched to oils once the foundation was the way I wanted it.
Draft lemonThese photos actually make it look more neon than it was.

I think I'll have to paint this lemon again while it's still reasonably fresh.


  1. Really like your strong brush work and use of color. They create a lot of visual excitement in a small space.

  2. Kubo-san. Thank you for finding me (I used to live in Japan). I like your fish video and painting. Yoroshiku.

  3. Katherine. Thanks for dropping by. I like the painting of yours on the easel in the photo with your artist bio. And, yes, I do like intense colors in the small format, but I'd like the courage to work larger. :)

  4. hi Connie,
    Wow you have been working. I appreciate your comments on my work a lot. I thought I would comment on the pear. I think your your color and brush work is moving. The reflection and shadow is strong and yet not overpowering. I love the way you work through your painting and share the process.

  5. the finish is beautiful. Lovely brushwork letting parts of the warm underpainting show through. The painting glows!

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