Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Pas de Deux," 6x8, oil on canvas board

Connie Kleinjans fine artAs long as Becca's lemon was still ripe, I thought I'd paint it again. I love this little pitcher, and the two together made me think of making tea. Then I decided that they were dancing, hence the title. The process of coming up with a title can be pretty bogus, really. Maybe I should try harder to figure out what I want the painting to be about, then reflect that in the title. See this prior post.

Interestingly, I've also read that it's best to have an odd number of objects in a picture (and, personally, I think things like shadows are objects in a painting). Here, there are two, so I tried adding a tea bag on the right, but it wasn't happy about it.

In the prior painting I was also intrigued with what you can do with underpainting. And I've noticed that when I see a painting in process (think YouTube), I often like it better before it's finished. In the prior painting I really liked the block-in. It has something electric about it. So, for this one, I tried blocking it in with hot colors:

Blocked in painting Maybe this is too much like 60s psychedelic posters. I'm not sure, but there's definitely something interesting about it. I may have to play with it some more.


  1. I really like this piece, Connie. I like the composition, and the underpainting gives it a certain electricity. I've enjoyed reading through your blog, about your experiments with supports and cropping, etc. Great work.

  2. Hi Dar (cool name). Thanks for the kind words. Speaking of experimenting, I once had a college art teacher say "Connie, when are you going to stop experimenting?" and my gut reaction was, "I hope never!" But I do get the idea; at some point you have to decide on something and pursue it. I'm still figuring that out. I'm glad the experiments are interesting. And thanks for dropping by.