Thursday, March 26, 2015


20x24x1.5", mixed media on canvas

Thanks to my painting teacher (thanks Sefla!), this afternoon I drive to Santa Cruz to be interviewed for a TV show, along with Sefla and another student. Granted, it's a local cable show, but hey. I'll take this painting and possibly two others along. I'll post them here in the next couple of days. W00t!

I'm taking this picture because it shows what kind of mishmash I put on the canvas. This has the normal stucco patch plus paint, but it also has bits of wood, a spiky acorn cap, a square of vinyl (I think) that wraps around the edge of the canvas (it's on the left), and a bicycle reflector, which is lower right. For the bicycle reflector, I pushed the pointy bits (the things that hold it to a bike) through the canvas, then put silicon glue on the back. The canvas has lots of gesso and paint, so it doesn't tear, and the glue should hold things together. That reflector ain't goin' nowhere!

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