Monday, August 31, 2009


Connie Kleinjans abstract paintings8x10x0.75," oil and cold wax on couched board

As mentioned in an earlier posting, I invited Rebecca Crowell to California to teach a workshop. Her paintings are wonderfully textured abstracts with the look of age and depth to them. That seminar was at the end of July, but between vacations and surprise trips, I haven't made time to work much more with her techniques.

But the other day I revisited some of the work I did during the workshop and decided that I liked this one as it is. Yes, it can be hard to know when something is done, of course, but this didn't ask for any more work. So here it is. I did buff it a bit to bring out the texture.

Hmm. Actually, I did make one final change. I had been looking at it with the red part at the top. Just how my mind's eye saw it. Then, just for grins, I turned it over. The red part, being darker, anchored it better. The amber part then looked more richly texture. It was interesting, and, as I think I've said before, realistic painters can't do this. Here's how it looked the other way, in case you're curious. I welcome opinions.


  1. Hi Connie, many of my paintings have been rotated right or left or upside down by my students and patrons. I think the tight cropping on some of my realistic images lends the viewer to choose the orientation.
    Nice paintings. I like red as an anchor too.

  2. Hi Guy. That's true! For still lifes (and other kinds of paintings?) you can rotate them. I've even done this. I think my mind's eye was seeing a landscape, which would be harder to rotate. :)