Friday, January 11, 2008

Test: Two studies

We just had some nasty weather in Northern California. Our house lost electricity for 3 1/2 days. Luckily, we live in the mountains, where this happens fairly regularly, so we have a generator. We started it up and kept ourselves warm and the fridge cool. And we did a lot of nesting on the couch, talking, so it was kind of nice, really.

During that time, I migrated a painting setup to near the patio doors, where the most light is. I continued playing with painting on gesso-painted cardboard and colorful backgrounds. Here are two pieces I did on one piece of cardboard:

I kind of like how the peas came out, but the photo doesn't do them justice. I might have to shoot it again. Or maybe do another painting of a plate with fork and peas.

Funny, where this painting thing takes you...


  1. Connie,
    Love what you are doing with these. I took a very close look and find it amazing how you picked up all the reflected colors and beautiful brush strokes in such small paintings. Keep going. Your inspirational.


  2. Thanks for visiting, Dori, and for your kind comments. The small size (and the cardboard) are helping me stay loose. I'm hoping that translates to larger works. And, I swear, some of my best paintings are onions and garlic. It feels like you can cut loose a bit and also use wilder colors. Maybe I've found my niche! :D