Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Kapiolani Beach 1," 8x10, oil on canvas board


I'm still thinking about this one. It doesn't speak to me, but my husband thinks I underrate myself.

I noticed something that would be a good exercise if taken further. I was looking through some painting books that I've grazed and added sticky tags to in the past. The exercise is to notice what kind of art attracts you. Mostly, for me, I find it's the bold, bright art. I guess I really like the impressionists and colorists.

But... Then I turn and do something like my fig painting from a couple of months ago. Very dark. Very sedate. But it has those greens and purples coexisting against a really rich background. Or the Study in White Fuzz I did awhile ago. But I like it for the dandelion head and the rough edges.

I guess you can like lots of stuff. But the point is to figure it out so that when you paint, you're in synch with yourself. That's when painting feels best.


  1. Connie,
    Ahh, Hawaii. I knew you'd find some great inspiration there. This is a terrific painting. The twisty tree with the canopy of leaves over the top of the canvas is wonderful!

  2. Ah, thank you. You are too kind. I took scads of pictures near the beach early in the morning. I hope I can do them justice.

  3. I agree with Connie. This is a great inspiration for a painting.
    It portrays a beautiful, shady place by the water where anybody would love to spend some time.

    I do have a suggestion about the horizontal, brown structure in the center of the painting. Would the composition of the graceful tree line and green canopy be even more effective if the center brown structure was given less emphasis?

    It seems to interfere with the graceful, natural curve of the tree line leading the eye to the water and the distant horizon.

    Either way, it's a lovely seascape painting just as it is.
    Congrats and Happy Painting!

  4. Hi Kay. Thank you for your comment. Sorry not to approve it sooner, but with the Northern California storms, we haven't had electricity for some days, so no computer access. But I think you're right: the fallen leaves do pull focus. Maybe I should play with this some more. :)

  5. Hi Connie, Sorry to hear about the storms. Hope things are back to normal soon.

    PS. We know about storms out here in SC too. Hurricane Hugo gave us a real run for our money awhile back. Take care.