Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Spooning," 4x4, oil on gesso board

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The funny thing about doing art is that the whole world becomes source material. When I design and paint theatrical sets, I see items or color combinations that fit the design I'm working on. In doing these small paintings, I'm always looking for something to paint that's interesting. In this case, I saw these two bananas and it looked like two people spooning. Cute. So I set it up to emphasize that and painted it in complementary colors.


  1. hi. i know this is totally random, but i really must thank you for posting this. my boyfriend and i call each other banana (i know that's weird) but he is from france, and didnt know what spooning was, so i googled spooning pics, and i found this. it is so perfect. bananas spooning. SO AWESOME! thanks for making our day ;)

  2. That's an adorable story! And I understand how people can come up with nicknames. Thanks for leaving a comment. :D