Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Orange and Apothecary Bowl," pre-update, 6x8, oil on canvas board

UPDATE: I lived with this for awhile, then worked on the background. See the new version.
I wanted to do a really dark background, so I chose a subject that would provide a bright foreground. I like loud. :) Initially the background was a neutral brownish, then green. Then I got tired of the neutrals and decided to go with some discord colors. This is a concept from Mike Svob, who offsets gorgeous colors against each other. The idea is that you don't choose exact complements; rather, you choose not-quite-complements. Not orange and blue, but orange and purplish (toward red), or orange and blue-green (toward yellow). I chose purple. Sometimes you really do need more neutrals, but this was fun. Except for the part where it took a face plant into my palette. Grrrr....

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