Monday, February 18, 2013

"Yellow and Red Onions"

12x10" oil on linen board

Last fall I needed to be in Arizona, so I took a still life class at the Scottsdale Artists' School. The teacher was David Reidel (, who does gorgeous still lifes in a traditional style. In the three-day workshop I did a few paintings and liked this the best. I found my reflexes coming back from my small still lifes, sort of. These were different. I learned about chiaroscuro, edges, and quiet, rich palettes. The eye opener about edges was that you can drag the color of the object into the space around it, softening the edge. I knew painters did this, but I'd never known they would pull the paint that far, so that you saw streaks. But it works. Interesting. This was a big departure from the way I'm painting nowadays, but a fun exploration.

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