Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Two More Hours"

20x20x1.5", acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Since I love texture, I'm always trying new things. For this one, I stapled some strips of cheesecloth across the painting. Then I started to paint and didn't like them -- they wanted to take over -- so I cut them apart then used a medium to immobilize them. Then I scribbled with water pens and painted, leaving pieces of fabric at the edge.

In my striving to be loose, I find that I sometimes start a painting, then, not feeling right, I turn it. And turn it. And turn it again until I can see a composition I like, or I can see how my image will fit on the canvas. I did the latter thing here. I also had some cobalt blue and teal on my palette, and they added an element I like. Almost like graffiti.

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