Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Stop Staring"

6x8", oil on canvas board

For this one I went back into a painting I did long ago and didn't like, and applied the ideas of massing and generalizing. And using interesting shadows and highlights. And I invented the stripes in back. The part that I think is the most interesting is the colors on the tiny glass vase.

It's improved. It lacks the polish of the ones I'm doing now. I think one problem is related to what I mentioned yesterday about things being the same. The color on this one is roughly equally split between white and purple. It has no identity. There are a couple of good ways to think about that. One is to ask "what color of painting is it?" Not foolproof, but not bad. Another is to think of it as a martini recipe, which (I think) should be about 60/30/10, proportionately.

And, of course, break this or any rule if you can make it work. That's way fun.

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