Thursday, April 2, 2009

My new gallery: Gallery 2611

(Me, in scruffy clothes, posing between Scissure, on my right, and Red, on my left.)

Well, I'm in a gallery. And, yes, I'm pretty excited about it. It's Gallery 2611, in Redwood City, CA, and I'm sort of a partner. So I have some additional studio space, and I've found a group of fun artists to hang out with. Hey, they're a kick in the shorts! If "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" comes on the iPod, dancing just might ensue.

Now, I live high on a hill with a taciturn man, and I've got my Jack Russell Terrorist for company. But I've been missing the people contact I used to get at work. I've also come to realize that I want to interact with other artists. Gallery 2611 seems to fit the bill. Also, two of the artists are experienced teachers, and they think people might be interested in my texture techniques, so they're encouraging me to teach a workshop. I'm aiming at mid-May.

Thanks, Joyce, Guy, Gary, Jackye, and Dianne, for letting me join you. Here are Joyce and Guy's websites:


  1. Connie wow congrats!!!! Wishing you the best as you start on your journey as a gallery showing part owning creative. Looks like you're in wonderful company.
    You have jumped into this abstract world with a slash and energy like I have not seen before. I am truly excited for you.

  2. Dori. Thanks. Yes, this feels right. Of course, the fears keep rising, about whether I'll lose steam, etc., etc. But there's also stuff that resonates. Isn't this an adventure!

  3. Connie is adding her wonderful, experimental and immediate of the moment stamp which is what was missing here at Gallery 2611.
    Welcome Connie...

  4. Guy is a fellow artist at Gallery 2611. He does gorgeous watercolors and teaches workshops. You should totally go visit his blog. (Thanks, Guy.)

  5. We are thrilled to have Connie as our addition to Gallery 2611. We love her work, and are looking forward to having her as a part of our tribe, as Connie says.
    Welcome Connie

  6. Joyce is another talented watercolorist at Gallery 2611, as well as a workshop teacher and author. She's currently blogging the evolution of a beautiful Iceland poppy painting. (Thanks, Joyce.)