Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Did You Say Eggs?"

Connie Kleinjans fine art8x8, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Oh, you know. You see two items together and something makes you think you can connect them in some way. In this case it's egg and eggplant. It's lame, but they both have egg in their name. According to one online source, the eggplant got its name from the smaller whiter varieties that did, in fact, look like eggs.

But! Be that as it may, I like how this came out! Maybe it's the hot red background breaking through the green, or maybe it's the dimensionality of the eggs and eggplant. And, I swear, the eggplant's shadow did look like that! (Usually things don't throw shadows on both sides of themselves, but this did, probably because the light was close.) Also, this has a bit of a cartoon look, but this can be a complement. Whatever it is, I wish I could replicate it at will.

So today I pushed my comfort limit and did some sloppy abstracts. I tried to get out of my head and not judge, and go on instinct and impulse. It was interesting. We'll see if I post anything. I don't know. That will depend on instinct and impulse, too.


  1. The egg-paintings are just lovely! Great subject! Everything else very good too - you have great style!

  2. HI Siret. Thanks so much. The eggs are interesting to paint, and have potential for both learning and for humor, apparently. Cheers!