Monday, September 1, 2008

Study: "Mount Myoko"

Connie Kleinjans fine art8x10, oil on canvas board

We just got back from vacation here. I swear, this mountain has been painted by millions of people through the years because she's just so photogenic. For me, it was a beautiful day, but also painting her was sort of Manifest Destiny, since my Mom had painted her many years ago. Very satisfying. I also took pictures and might try to turn this into a larger work.


  1. This is really something, Connie! I have to say... something reminiscent of Cesanne here. Maybe the colors in the foothills, or the brushstrokes. This branch in the foreground is just fab. And the bit of red by the shore... Really, really good!

    Welcome back to California, Connie!

  2. Just gorgeous. So serene and lovely. You have talent to spare but your technique is becoming so polished. It's really breathtaking to watch. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, thanks. I see everything through a self-critical veil. I think you just made my day (blush).