Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Reach for the Sky," 6x8, oil on canvas board

Connie Kleinjans fine art
Oh, I feel silly tonight, or this morning. The title of this piece reminds me of this story. I just love the line "Freeze mother stickers! This is a f#@k up!" Makes me giggle.

Anyway, I've done a few paintings in the last couple of weeks that I haven't posted. There are two that I flat out dislike, so they're staying on a side shelf. I might try to do something creative with them. I haven't posted the others just because of feeling kind of busy, and also with working on a commission (more later). But this is the same anemone I posted on March 3, only with X-treme perspective. Sometimes I like loud.


  1. I love how you treated the bottle. Great to see your work again. BTW-that story is hilarious.

  2. Hey Jeff. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the bottle was fun, getting the angle and the water inside. I love finding things that beg to be painted.

  3. "X-treme perspective", I like that. You'd almost have to set up your still life on the floor.