Friday, February 8, 2008

"Outsider," a finishing experiment

I'm having way fun with this series. I'm enjoying the freedom of cropping an image after painting it, and I'm especially enjoying the rough edges. And on this one I think I got the glow of the oranges. Here's the latest:

I'm looking into ways to present these: adhered to masonite or stretched. We got a table saw, so I'm on my way. Cropping this one is hard, since I really like parts of the rough edges. But leaving it uncropped gives the fried egg look: A big round thing in the middle. So here's the horizontal crop:

And here's the vertical crop. Note that I rotated it 90 degrees, and that it looks weird that way. Well, weird can be good, right? Maybe sometimes:

I now have a handful (well, four) of these paintings on unstretched canvas. Time to finalize them! Soon! Really!

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